Four High School Friends On Journey. One Said Goodbye, Too Soon.


We Were The Best ss5 krk

They’ve been through so much together.

High school was the best times of their lives. They’re here on an epic road trip to the beach, and through a series of misadventures their van breaks down.

Even so, they managed to have a lot of fun out of it.

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We Were The Best ss4 krk

We Were The Best ss6 krk

The “Knight Club” decided that this was the best time to make a time capsule video. They did not know it yet, but that was the beginning of the darkest moment in their friendship.

Knight Club was never going to be the same.

We Were The Best ss1 krk

We Were The Best ss2 krk

Years on, one of them returns to the site to find the hidden time capsule.

The tragedy that ruined their friendship is finally revealed. It was a sad, dark moment, but it was the closure and comfort that she’s been longing for.

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