To End A Hellish Curse, He Must Betray His Friends


Betrayal (Kanulo) sw ss1 krk

Telling ghost stories and calling spirits have probably sparked you and your friends’ curiosity at one point. You might have even tried these as a way to bond or dare each other. But telling ghost stories and calling spirits can bring unexpected results.

It can be epic fails – or worst it can open a realm to a sinister presence.

Betrayal (Kanulo) sw ss2 krk

This group of friends know what it’s like when things don’t go as planned.

After a night of calling spirits, their lives were never the same. It was filled with resentment, gloom and darkness.

Most birthday parties are happy but this burst at its seams with the horror of failing friendships, a haunting spirit, and betrayal.

Watch ‘Betrayal (Kanulo)’ by Joel Aquino (Philippines) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion is advised: Contains mild violence and gore.

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