He’s Learning Kung Fu, But These Pills Make Him Feel So Powerful


Medallion of Kung Fu SS_03

Ah Tao is a loser. He has no college degree, no girlfriend, no job. So he can’t be blamed for not living up to his potential given his limitations, right?

He’s content to be an unquestioning lackey to his friends, ready to steal whatever whenever the leader tells him to. He’s dared to steal the ‘Medallion of Kung Fu’ from his uncle to prove his bravery.

Medallion of Kung Fu SS_01

No big deal… if his uncle wasn’t legendary kung fu star, Gordon Liu.

Medallion of Kung Fu SS_02

He gets caught and his punishment is daily martial arts lessons. He thinks it’s just fighting with fancy weapons, but with every kick and punch learnt, this zero learns that he can become his own hero…

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