The 5 Stages Of Grief Beautifully Illustrated By Hand


In The End SS1 KRK

Death is a release from life, of all its wonders, colours and attachments.

This short film was made as a response to the death of a friend to cancer. With poetic, hand-drawn animation, textured watercolour gradients, the Taiwanese animator Min Liu shares the complex range of sentiments that we all feel when confronted with death.

In The End SS3 KRK

From early childhood memories of death, to the spirited years of adulthood on the cusp of life, her meditation on life and death reads like an open letter to her friend, as she folds paper cranes in symbolic acceptance and emotional release.

Watch ‘In The End, I Understood’ (於是後來我懂了) by Min Liu (US) on Viddsee:

Min Liu’s film has travelled to the Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival, Adobe Design Achievement Awards, and the NYC Metropolitan Area College Computer Animation Festival.

Here’s another confrontation with death, an intriguing short film about the kidnapping and murder of a young boy. Watch ‘Pizza’ by Dick Chua on Viddsee

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