They Never Needed To Explain Their Friendship. Now, They Do.


Even Cowboys Get to Cry ss1 krk

His best friend took a blow for him.

Sven and Gijs are 18, and they are best mates. Their time together was an idyllic time of bliss and fun: the outdoors, laddish jokes, girls and women. They did everything together and hid nothing from each other.

Even Cowboys Get to Cry ss3 krk

Even Cowboys Get to Cry ss4 krk

They’ve planned their lives together, including that one epic road trip across South America. But all this changes when Sven gets involved in a fight one night, and Gjis is severely wounded trying to defend him.

They never had to explain their friendship, but now they do.

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Viewer discretion: Contains violence, coarse language and nudity

‘Even Cowboys Get To Cry’ is Mees Peijenburg’s graduation film at the Netherlands Film Academy.

He says in an interview that the film is a story close to him which happened to people he knew. “When life gets real, and pain is around the corner, everybody is swiped away by tears. Even cowboys, the symbol of the alpha male.”

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