Friendzoned? This Guy Looks To Science To Solve His Problems!


Roche Limit Eng SS2 KRK

She’s unattainable. Emotionally unavailable.

Does he have a chance with her?

There are many things working against Cheng-lung Hsien. His childhood friend, now crush, is spinning out of his orbit. She’s embroiled in a scandal with a school teacher, notorious, and popular.

Roche Limit Eng SS1 KRK

He’s a nobody. Worse still – he’s friendzoned.

He turns to astrophysics to solve his problems. He figures that increasing the likelihood of their proximity will force other men (and his nemesis) out of her gravitational orbit.

RocheLimit SSH3 KRK

In a strange turn of events, he encounters an opportunity to throw everything off balance just for the sake of achieving his goals.

Here’s a timeless high school love story with a sci-fiction twist.

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