His Future Was Written. Is He Still The Master Of His Own Destiny?


The new Viddsee Originals web-series, ‘Unscripted Man‘ is a fun comedy of errors with a romantic twist. Told over 4 episodes, meet the characters that make up the workplace shenanigans destined to ruin Bas’ life.

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Bas, the protagonist

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Bas receives a mysterious package at work: It’s a script of his future and it’s from his estranged father. Everything written in it is confirmed to come true. With the plot of his future within his grasp, is Bas still in control of his own destiny? His only wish is to ask his office crush, Jaclyn, out.

Jani, the trusty sidekick

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When she’s not rolling her eyes at Bas’ antics and hare-brained ideas, Jani is a true friend. She is willing to do whatever it takes for Bas to go after what his heart desires, even when it means blowing his heart to smithereens.

Jacklyn, the romantic interest

Unscripted man campaign graphics - Jacklyn.png

The object of Bas’ affection and attention is Jacklyn. Bas is willing to do anything to be with her; she’s worth everything he sacrifices. The mysterious script tells him how this will all play out – will he be able to leave it all to fate?

Ando, the nemesis

Unscripted man campaign graphics - ando.png

Best likened to the importance of an innocent bystander, Ando becomes the centre of everyone’s attention somewhat unexpectedly and unassumingly. He catches Jacklyn’s eye and interest, making him Bas’ nemesis.

Watch ‘Unscripted Man’ by Rein Maychaelson (Indonesia) in Viddsee now:

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