Three Men Risk Everything Tonight. Lady Luck Will Only Choose One.


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The stakes are high.

In a game of chance, when someone gets lucky, someone else gets unlucky. That’s the rule of the game. A drunk gambler is at a carnival playing a game of chance, with a single coin.

He’s ruminating his chances.

Ruweda t2 ss2 krk

A pickpocket is at the same carnival looking for easy targets. He even has a young accomplice to act as the distraction.

He’s in the same game of chance.

Ruweda ss3 krk

Then there’s is the young man in love, about to propose to his girlfriend with a ring bought on borrowed money.

When their paths cross, their chances get slimmer, but everyone gets to play.

Ruweda ss1 krk

But Lady Luck will only shine on one of them.

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Ruweda won the Audience Choice Award under the Short Film category at the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival in 2012. It also screened at the Bangkok International Student Film Festival in Thaialnd, Tampere Film Festival in Finland, International Short Film Festival Detmold in Germany and the Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival in Korea.

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