This Man Chooses Between Loyalty, Friendship And A Splintered History


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They were both in danger.

They meet after a long separation. He’s a police inspector, his mate is a criminal he sent behind bars.

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It was the first day Hao Ren got out of jail, and as luck has it it was also the day a massive drug deal went wrong.

There’s a hitman targeted at friend in revenge, and everything is set in motion. A hitman was hired, the money wired, and he needs to move fast.

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They meet up for the sake of their friendship. They try catching up, but the betrayal catches up on them.

Loyalty and allegiance is questioned, tempers are short.

It’s not easy to be a law enforcer when your best mate is a criminal, and it’s not easy to be the guy to tell your best friend that he’s on a gangster hit list and will soon be dead.

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The hit men close in on them and they’re both bounded to their fates.

History played in rewind — the hit man and his best mate, too, struggled with the same.

Here’s how their friendship is put to test.

Watch ‘Allegiance’ by Guo Wenxu on Viddsee:

‘Allegiance’ was selected for the Sacramento Film & Music Festival in California, and the Crystal Palace International Film Festival in London.

Wenxu is interviewed here about his influences and how he started making films.

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