When A General or Politician Dies, Does Anyone Cry?


Dengs Funeral SS1 KRK

Adored by many, loved by none? Is this the fate of high-level public figures?

Dengs Funeral SS2 KRK

The real grief in this animation is starkly portrayed in black and white, colourless, lifeless.

A crowd full of people cry for a leader, but in that audience, many younger members unaware of anything he did, remain wrapped up in their screens.

Dengs Funeral SS3 KRK

Is the General only worthy of crocodile tears?

Watch ‘Deng’s Funeral’ by Zhang Xiaoyang (Singapore) on Viddsee:

Here’s another short film on death and insincerity, the tragic-comedy ‘Afterglow’ by Kaushal Oza (India) on Viddsee

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