She Was The One. But He Only Finds That Out In The Afterlife.



Nathan is disoriented.

Anyone in his shoes would be, of course. It’s not every day that you encounter the afterlife.

It’s not every day that you get all your questions answered.

Yes, ALL your questions. Anything and everything.

The Answers ss3 krk

So Nathan asks away. Some questions are trivial (who stole his bike as a kid?), some are statistics (how many women had he slept with?), but the one question that he hesitates to ask at first is perhaps the one that matters the most.

Who is the love of his life?


He gets the answer. Paige. It doesn’t surprise him. In his heart of hearts, perhaps he already knew it.

The Answers ss2 krk

He tries to console himself. Things end. Love ends. Even life ends.

But your one true love will always remain that. Even in the afterlife.

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