This Girl Won’t Give Up Her Dream Without A Fight


Menuk SS1 KRK

Menuk had big dreams for a small town girl.

She did not want to settle for a predictable life like her parents. She wanted a better life, an adventure in the city.

Against objections, she leaves when an opportunity presents itself.

Menuk SS3 KRK

A promising day turns violent when two men take Menuk by surprise.

She’s in the company of human traffickers, but she wasn’t going to give up without a bloody fight.

Menuk SS4 KRK

She fights on for her right to destiny and for her life.

Watch ‘Menuk’ by Bobby Prasetyo (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

‘Menuk’ was awarded a Special Mention in the fiction category at the South to South Film Festival in Indonesia.

Here’s another short film on women and migration, about three Vietnamese women whose destinies lie in the Singaporean men they wish to marry. Watch this documentary ‘Destiny’ on Viddsee

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