Girls Were Banned From School, But This Girl Sparked A Change



In this episode of the Sparks mini-series, our team of young bankers travel to a rural village, led by Claire and Jasper.

They’re there to evaluate the progress of Zaya, a social enterprise supported by the bank, as well as to identify opportunities to help grow the business.


Zaya was a game changer. It could provide access to quality education at an affordable cost and develop personalised learning for each student ensuring an equal learning opportunity for all children.


The village chief was enraged at how a group of outsiders wanted to interfere with their traditional ways, especially at their insistence that girls be allowed to attend school as well.


But they realised he wasn’t just another sexist jerk who refused the intrusion of modern technology. He was struggling with keeping the village afloat given its failing lifeblood – the weaving business.

The team saw a new opportunity to introduce what technology could really do. Here was a chance to help the village, and through it, change the mind of the village chief regarding schools and the right of girls to education too.

To win over the village chief, the team made it personal.


It sparked a change in his attitude and paved a new future for the village. Especially young girls.

Watch ‘SPARKS – Ep 6’ (A Mini-series from DBS) by David Tsui (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘SPARKS’ is a mini-series by DBS Bank and this episode was inspired by a real life social enterprise – Zaya Learning Labs – supported by the DBS Foundation. This is the sixth in the mini-series. Catch the on-going trials and tribulations of the team of young bankers here.

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