Viddsee celebrates Giving Week Singapore with 7 Inspiring Short Films



In conjunction with Giving Week, we’ve put together seven inspirational Viddsee stories on kindness, gratitude, empathy and love, to Discover the #CityofGood Together!

The greatness of a nation can be judged in how animals are treated. Mohan, an ex-commando with a heart for animals, takes us through his night-rescue shift as a animal-rescuer in Buy and
Throw Away.

Two brothers find a ray of hope in their bleak lives, as Guang, the misunderstood autistic brother finds a release from music.

Does it pay to pay it forward? In Ripple, a simple act of caring creates an endless ripple that returned to two strangers.

Listening is the First Duty of Love. A hearing impaired paperboy struggles to carry out the act as he falls in love with a sad girl he passes everyday.

Uncouth, childish and boorish, that’s what this daughter thought of her father, until she realised that she was taking him for granted in Pa.

An ex-gangster chief shares his gratitude towards his mother and her unrelenting love in Ah Leong’s Confessions.

Giving comes in the form of empathy in Happiness Together, the story of a poor boy misunderstood for stealing to give his father a good reunion dinner.

Little acts, when multiplied by millions, can make a world of difference this #GivingWeekSG
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