A Safe Home For Sharks, And Holiday Paradise For The Rest Of Us


Sharks Sake SS1

Shark hunting a livelihood for fishermen in Lombok, Indonesia. For Kathy Xu, a shark lover, this is a problem that needed a solution.

She wanted to find a way to stop the shark hunting and give the fishermen an alternative means of earning.

Her solution: tours to hidden snorkeling and beach destinations within Lombok. She called this the Dorsal Effect.

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The fishermen earn from these tours. They get a good price without the repercussions and dangers of shark hunting.

Kathy says: “I am still far from my dream of seeing many shark fishermen make a full switch to ecotourism, more learn about sustainable fishing, sharks tagged and adopted, and coral reefs protected, first in Lombok and then in other shark markets around the world.

“However, with each boat trip that I bring guests on, I know this dream is taking shape.”

Kathy’s story was told to Francis Tan as part of the initiative on inspiring stories, Our Better World. Learn more about Kathy’s project here.

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