God Always Has A Plan. First, He Needs To Take This Man On A Ride.


Bicycle Jitensha ss3 krk

Mamoru Amagaya is feeling very bitter with the world. He was humiliated at the workplace, had no girlfriend, no love, no family nor friends. Then, in a tragic turn of events, even “God” turns against him.

His bicycle was his sole companion, a trusty stead that was the only constant in his life. Bits of his bicycle began disappearing, ostensibly stolen by “God” as he discovered through badly handwritten notes.

Apparently, “God” had a sense of humour. He sent Mamoru on treasure hunt, with hints on where pieces and parts of his bicycle could be found.

Bicycle Jitensha ss2 krk

Bicycle Jitensha ss4 krk

God does have a plan.

But first, he’s taking Mamoru on a ride of his life.

Bicycle Jitensha ss1 krk

Watch ‘Bicycle’ (Jitensha) by Dean Yamada (Japan) on Viddsee:

‘Bicycle’ is part of our Sapporo International Short Film Festival channel on Viddsee. It won the Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Original Score and Grandprix awards at the Sapparo Short Fest in 2010.

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