Money For The Family. Your Ethics At Stake. What Would You Choose?


Gd Afternoon Risa SS2 KRK

Would you starve for your ideals?

There’s money on the table. This family has a sick baby, a diminishing rice supply, and too many mouths to feed. They scrape by to make a living, but they live simply, and honestly.

And there’s money on the table.

Gd Afternoon Risa SS3 KRK

Woko and his wife try to live upright in the side of good and justice.

But when household finances become really strained, Woko is tempted by a wad of cash and an easy way out. He is tempted not once, but twice.

Gd Afternoon Risa SS4 KRK

A third offer is made. Resentment and anger builds up as his wife hears him refusing the offers.

She wished he would put the family first.

In the end, he did what was best for him and the family.

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