He Had A Memory Of A Goldfish. She Had Only One Wish.


Lost Property ss6 krk

This granny bumps in to the Lost Property office daily, punctually at 4pm. She reports one lost item each day, and the officer duly takes her through the dark corridors and store rooms that may have her property.

The helpful officer takes in each report with stride — a key, an umbrella, a pet goldfish, a piece of music.

Lost Property ss2 krk

He humours her, but she can’t seem to find a fit for what’s lost.

Granny is despondent, but she continues visiting. It was her sweetheart that she lost.

And one day, he finds that he had it all along.

Lost Property ss10 krk

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This animation was written and directed by Åsa Lucander. More on this heartwarming animation here, including behind-the-scenes work!

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