Grandma’s Love Is Like A Warm Blanket On A Rainy Day


Podaegi ss10 krk.jpg

This schoolgirl returned home to her grandma’s request to attend to the laundry while she runs out for an errand.

There’s a worn piece of cloth that looks more like a rag than a blanket, and grandma has specific instructions for it. It’s the ‘podaegi’, a traditional baby carrier that was used in the family.

Podaegi ss5 krk.jpg

Grandma’s day out was cut short when she meets an accident, but she sends the grand-daughter home to attend to laundry as the weather looked like it would change.

And don’t forget the podaegi, grandma called after her.

Podaegi ss7 krk.jpg

It wasn’t just a piece of cloth, as she remembered. And as the rain pelted on the windowpanes, the schoolgirl held the warm blanket and basked in the memory of grandma’s love.

Podaegi ss2 krk.jpg

A soft, warm glow.

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