Grandma Told Her “Answering Machine Son” She’s Off For Adventure


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Grandma Xiao Zhu is 86, a widow, and has nothing to lose. A life of selling pork floss wasn’t how she saw her golden years fade away.

Determined to make a change in her life, she heads off to Taipei in search of her Spring time.

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She drags her luggage behind her, scouring the streets for a job, for opportunities and fortune. Her tenacity and single-mindedness didn’t go far, but some compassion and luck saw her suited up at a local hotel, giving her best in the service industry.

Spring didn’t last long, but that was okay because Summer was rolling over.

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Grandma could be a late bloomer. But she’s seasoned, steady, and still making hay while the sun shines.

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Erica casted her own grandmother, Huang Tsai Yu-Chu as Xiao Zhu in this short film. More on the director here.

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