Grandpa Has Lost The Sense Of Time. But He Hasn’t Changed On The Inside.


Ah Kong Royston Tan ss4 krk

Everybody loved him. They only had good things to say about him.

Grandpa was just a chicken vendor, but his kindness and compassion brought the whole community together.

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A great dancer, he was easy on the eyes too; women would come out just to get a glimpse of him. Glorious, glorious days.

But now he’s old, frail and dementia has changed him. His grandson tries to jog his memory by showing him interviews of the people who knew him in his youth.

But it is not the past that he has forgotten. He just doesn’t know how to live in the present anymore.

Ah Kong Royston Tan ss3 krk

Ah Kong Royston Tan ss1 krk

This short film is a moving reminder that dementia doesn’t change who these patients are on the inside.

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