Grandpa’s Run In With Death Wasn’t Just A Hyperactive Imagination


Playing With The Death ss5 krk.jpg

Grandpa Eusebio was suffering from an annoying cough. It wasn’t the type of ailment that would send him to his grave. But when Death makes an appearance, he panics. He wasn’t going to be taken, not without a fight.

Playing With The Death ss2 krk.jpg

So he waits. Setting traps in the house, setting off the fuse in the whole block. Nobody’s amused.

After this prolonged game of cat and mouse with Death, he’s finally sent off to a home for the elderly. He had to be safe, finally.

Playing With The Death ss3 krk.jpg

He had stopped tempting fate, but Death was finally here. He knew its face.

Playing With The Death ss7 krk.jpg

The familiar hooded figure had become a friend.

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