A Grieving Wife Sailed To The Land Of Death To Get Her Husband Back


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She waited by the edge of a raging sea, silently willing her husband’s presence through the choppy waves. There was no chance of his return, but she clung to any and all of hope.

A banshee appeared, foreshadowing a passing with a wail. This grieving wife took her chances and robbed her of a gem.

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She wanted a chance to sail to the land of the dead, to get her husband back.

It was no place for the living, the banshee warned her. They arrived in the other world, and as she promised, a life would be returned. Her love weathered it all. Then it withered.

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For one of them, there was no return.

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‘Through The Storm’ won Best Animation at four festivals, the California International Shorts Festival, Los Angeles Arthouse Film Festival, California Film Awards and the NYLA Film Festival. Watch the film’s making-of here!

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