A Grieving Young Couple Reconnects Under Very Unusual Circumstances



“I think you need some time to grieve…” he said.

“And I think you’re acting like a… self-help book!” She lashed out.

It was a difficult situation. They’d just had a miscarriage. And they didn’t know how to handle it.

He felt like she was being too indifferent when she should be devastated. She felt like he was taking it as a tragedy when it wasn’t. She wanted them to move on.


But how could they move on with such diametrically opposite views on what had just happened?

Of all things that could resolve this deadlock, it was… a dead possum.

To him, it was just another roadkill. But she couldn’t get over it.

“It looked like it had… hands…” she said, her voice shaking.


And somehow, he knew what they needed to do. To bring about closure.

To truly move on.


Watch ‘Possum’ by Eleanor Wilson on Viddsee:

‘Possum’ won Best Short Film at the Nitehawk Film Festival in NY and the Emerge Film Festival in ME. Eleanor Wilson won Best Lead Actress in a Short Film & Festival Director Award, Lady Filmmakers Film Festival, LA. The film was also the Official Selection at St Kilda Film Festival (Aus), Maryland Film Festival, New York Shorts Fest, Lighthouse International Film Festival, Garden State Film Festival, High Falls Film Festival, Catskill Mountains Film Festival, New Hope Film Festival, Tallgrass Film Festival, Post Alley Film Festival, WAMM Fest and Picture Farm Film Festival.

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