A Cynical Grandma At A Strip Club Finds A Vision For Sore, Tired Eyes


A Girl's Night Out ss10 krk

Christine is grumpy, crotchety, and tired of life.

Nobody at the retirement home is impressed with her attitude, but her roommate convinces her for a night out at Hamburg’s red light district.

A Girl's Night Out ss2 krk

What a shocking world.

It’s ladies night! And the men, the men! The taut flesh! Naked limbs!

She left with a light in her eyes and a spring in her step, a pair of bunny ears, and a pair of handsome young men who quickly became friends.

A Girl's Night Out ss4 krk

A Girl's Night Out ss5 krk

What an escapade! She was definitely hungover the next day, but less hung up about life. Or death.

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‘A Girl’s Night Out’ won awards at the Alpinale European Film Festival (Audience Award) and the Max Ophüls Festival (Audience Award). More on Timo Becker here (website in German).

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