Here’s A Guide to Amazing Restaurant Success! Malaysian Style!


Know a restaurant that tried to plan their decor, concept and food plating based from a Pinterest board? Send them this series “Guide to Amazing Restaurant Success”, a cheat sheet on how to up their authenticity and soul.

It’s a real fuss-free restaurant makeover.

No chalk boards with inspirational quotes or mason jars required. This hack is actually hacked from the film “Hikayat Hang Kway Teow”, a short film that will have its online premiere in less than 24 hours!

CHEAT #1 HOW TO KEEP PREMISES CLEAN WITH MINIMUM EFFORT – Put cleanliness next to manliness!

WatchThe Manliest Art of Cleanliness Ever’:

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CHEAT #2 CHOOSING THE PERFECT MUSIC AT THE BAR – No house music please. Forget the tinkling and teasing of ambient music. Rack your brains for the most cinematic Bollywood film you know, and use that epic soundtrack.

Watch ‘Kastulingam Art of Teh Tarik’:

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PS: Teh-tarik (pulled tea) is a frothy milky tea, aerated and cooled repeatedly. Often only performed by qualified masters of eye-hand coordination.

CHEAT #3: THINK YOU KNOW HOW TO COOK EGGS? – Bonus points if you can break the yolk before the egg mix hits the pan.

Watch ‘The Art of Eggs’:

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CHEAT #4: HOW TO TOSS YOUR GREENS – Air-dry your greens, but only slightly so, a light touch. It’s all in the fist. Watch ‘Ancient Secrets of Delicious Salads’:

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CHEAT #5: HOW TO DEAL WITH CUSTOMER RELATIONS – This video was actually titled ‘How Tomato Sauce Can Ruin Friendships’ on Youtube but we recommend this for circumstances that come from “You Mean This Mayonaise Came From A Jar?”

Watch ‘It Must Be Worth Fighting For’:

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There’s more from where this very credible cheat sheet came from.

The short film “Hikayat Hang Kway Teow” by Adrian Lai is fusion dish (comedy-epic-kungfu-buddy-historical-parody) originally made for Astro’s My Hometown campaign, showcasing the talents of 13 young film directors from all the 13 states in Malaysia. If the trailers say anything about the nature of the release – get ready for a treat and a really pleasant surprise. The surprise being: we’re told the film premieres tomorrow… or… maybe tonight!

A one-minute trailer of ‘Hikayat Hang Kway Teow’

Note: The film is primarily Manglish (Malaysian-English) with English subtitles. The first 20-seconds of this trailer is in Malay-Nyonya, without subtitles

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