It Crawled & Clawed At Her. She Couldn’t Wash Away That Afternoon.


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It all began by the drain, under that bridge, that afternoon. Since then, guilt was everywhere she went.

It was in the foul air in her nostrils, it was in the wind, howling into her apartment. It was an animal, crawling on all fours. It trapped her shut; it thundered down in a roaring storm.

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It got to her, seeping into her pores. Scrubbing, clawing her skin, nails piercing her skin until it was raw. She’ll never be clean again.

Guilt was an unforgiving master, but she was its mother.

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Now that she had it, she’ll take it home. Where it belonged.

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‘Day of Echoes’ was made by the Malaysian filmmaker Sim Seow Khee with his fellow colleagues at the Golden Horse Film Academy, an initiative by the renowned Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao Hsien.

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