This Guy Chased After His Love For Way Too Long. He’s Got To Stop Running.


NDorma SS2

Waiting for someone to throw a bone, chasing, and waiting – all that is tiring.

This story about Paul and Ken’s is classic. We hold back and wait, hoping and waiting for a sign that that love is true. Now imagine if the person you’re chasing is your actual running partner. It’s a different level of exhaustion.

And if you’re the third person.

NDorma SS3

Today’s run might be different. It’s the last one that the pair would be taking together.

Paul is leaving.

But he came prepared to make a last statement. Will Ken continue running?

Watch ‘Nessun Dorma’ by Jedd Rommel Diomaro (Philippines) on Viddsee:

Nessun Dorma may have been inspired by a song with the same name from the Opera Turandot.

In the opera, a prince falls in love with the beautiful Princess Turandot who is known to give riddles to the ones that want her hand. Only when these riddles are answered will she marry her suitors. If they fail, they will be beheaded.

Watch this beautiful film on difficult relationships, ciNta Can love transcend race, religion and fate? What would you compromise?

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