This Man’s Mum Suggested That His Wife Would Lie, Cheat


A Reunion Night Rwrte SS3

People talk. Then there’s public perception. And his well-meaning mother.

Shenshu isn’t wealthy, but he provides sufficiently for his family of three in Taiwan. It’s a quiet, simple life. They are content with what they have.

A Reunion Night Rwrte SS2

His well-meaning mum planted a seed of suspicion in his mind about his mainland Chinese wife.

She’s afraid that he’s been taken for a ride and will run away with their son.

A Reunion Night Rwrte SS1

His mum has reason enough to believe so, as Shenshu’s sister-in-law is currently on the run and reached out to his wife for some money.

Between social stereotypes about mainland brides, and a shaken confidence, Shenshu begins to worry about his marriage. Was his trust misplaced?

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‘A Reunion Night’ was selected for the South Taiwan Film Festival in 2012, Taiwan Golden Harvest Award in 2013 in Taiwan, Hong Kong Southern Award Film Competition and the Hong Kong Incubator for Film & Video media in Asia.

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