He Shared So Much, But Saw So Little. Until Now.


Just Landed SS1 KRK

We don’t think he deserved it, but maybe it was for the better.

A narcissistic blogger, Kevin, arrives in the Philippines, enthusiastically absorbing his surroundings. His guide takes him to the local sights, sounds, and taste.

Just Landed SS3 KRK

He takes his online followers – on video, tweets, and through photos – to the same places. He’s so committed to pleasing his followers.

The more he gets into it, the farther he goes into the streets. He wanders aimlessly and disconnected from the busy city that he is in.

Just Landed SS2 KRK

When he finds himself abandoned, robbed, and lost, he starts to realise and absorb what the Philippines really has to offer, sans phone.

The best things in life are free.

Watch ‘#JustLanded’ by Christian Lat & Bjorn Lundqvist (Philippines) on Viddsee:

This short film won three awards at the Singkuwento International Film Festival Manila Philippines – Best Cultural Film, Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor.

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