Afraid Of Rejection? Let This Girl’s Story Be Your Lesson.


As human beings, we are all wired to be extremely afraid of rejection.
It threatens our biological nature of wanting to belong and not to mention, our very big human egos.
Some of us, like this cute animated girl down here, would rather even deal with the regret of not trying than getting rejected for doing so.


But regret no more! Scientists have studied our behaviours long enough to teach us a few ways of dealing with rejection, and this Inc article even shares how mentally strong people do so! Here are three from their list.

They view rejection as evidence they are pushing their limits

Never getting rejected is an indication you might be living too complacently within your comfort zone. It also means you’re likely not experiencing any growing pains nor are you challenging yourself. Never got rejected by someone you like? Never got turned down for a job? Passed up for a project? You’re not reaching high enough!

They refuse to let rejection define them

They don’t form sweeping generalisations about themselves when rejected by someone. If a company turns them down for a job, they don’t start viewing themselves as incompetent. Or if someone they love doesn’t feel the same way, they don’t declare themselves unlovable. You should not allow your self-worth to be defined by someone else’s opinion about you.

They treat themselves with compassion

If a friend just got rejected by a love interest, you wouldn’t tell them they got rejected because they’re worthless. So why would you do that to yourself? While many of us end up beating ourselves up for not achieving what we set out to achieve, mentally strong people are kinder to themselves. They decide to drown out their harsh inner critic with positive affirmations.

So go out there, get rejected! Grow! And while you’re at it watch the journey of the cute animated girl we’ve been talking about. Does she ever get over her fear? Does she get rejected? You tell us.


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