How Hard Is It To Say Hello To A Stranger?


Living in the city means crossing paths with the same strangers every day. It could be a fellow jogger we pass by during our run, or our neighbour whom we often see in the lift.

Merging Lanes - Kat Goh1

Madam Ang, a bus driver, encounters Analyn on her bus route daily as Analyn commutes to her job as a nurse.

Merging Lanes - Kat Goh2

Merging Lanes - Kat Goh3

While they both appear to come from vastly different backgrounds, what they both don’t realise is that they share a lot more similarities than differences.

Merging Lanes - Kat Goh4

We bump into the same strangers every day, but almost never speak to them. Would today be the day you make a connection with a stranger and say the first hello?

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‘Merging Lanes’ is part of Project RED, an anthology of short films by acclaimed local filmmakers which explores how all of us, regardless of background and where we come from, have more in common than we think. Project RED is produced by Viddsee, in collaboration with

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