A Hardened Man Was Touched By Her Compassion, Love. It Wasn’t Easy.


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He continued reaching out, giving, loving, returning the gift that he received.

A daughter is on a hunt for a woman who changed her father’s life.

He was a soldier who encountered the most brutal and beastly of mankind — war. He was a prisoner of war in this village years ago, beaten and tortured.

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Yet, when he returned home, he was a changed man.

He was kind, he was giving, he was gentle. His daughter wants to know what touched him so deeply during his time as a prisoner.

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Surely, something profound happened. It touched him deeply and changed him forever.

It was just compassion, plain and simple, and asking for nothing in return.

Saying is easy. Doing isn’t.

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This short film was made by True Move H, a telecommunications provider in Thailand.

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