A Harmless Game Of ‘Truth Or Dare’ Bares A Secret That Stunned Everyone


Truth Dare or Lemon ss15 krk.jpg

They played this game in boarding school, a version of Truth or Dare with a spinning bottle.

There used to be six of them; now they were five. It was just before the Christmas break, just like last year, before their best mate Tim left them.

Truth Dare or Lemon ss10 krk.jpg

Out of tradition, they assumed the circle and drank in his name.

Fuelled by alcohol, the familiar game turned into a sadistic night, exposing more than just truths about teenage love, lovers and conquests.

Truth Dare or Lemon ss7 krk.jpg

Truth Dare or Lemon ss3 krk.jpg

Their circle of trust disintegrated, baring a truth that betrayed the dead.

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Viewer discretion: Contains nudity.

‘Fivesixths’ screened at the Short Film Corner at Cannes. More on the production here.

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