Has An Identical Clone Replaced His Wife?


Daniel walks away from Laura
Daniel and Laura were a happily married couple — until Daniel wakes up one day certain his wife had been replaced by an identical clone. And this clone seems keen on keeping up all appearances — including that of a happy marriage.

Laura caresses Daniel's cheek and asks him to trust her
Is it Laura who tries to reason with him? Or her identical clone? Should he trust himself, or this partner?

Picture of happier times
If only Daniel could just stop struggling, maybe he could resume life as a happily married man.

Daniel pushes Laura against the wall
But that ticking suspicion won’t go away, that something is deeply wrong. And if he loves his wife, then he should figure out what happened to her.

Daniel is deeply conflicted

What is going on? Is his mind playing tricks on him? Where can Daniel go from here?

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