He Thought He Had To Change The Outside To Match Inside. It Wasn’t Easy.


It Seems To Rain ss3 krk

Every time it rains, the devil in him comes alive — his hair.

Kwang doesn’t feel normal around others, he hates standing out for his hateful curly hair, just as much as he hates the humidity that undo all the work done ironing his hair.

It was raining a lot more lately, and the futility in putting up appearances weighed down on him.

It Seems To Rain ss1 krk

But that’s not the only weight he’s struggling with. Rong, his oldest friend, knows something he doesn’t, and even she taunts him playfully whenever they are together.

Cheng, a new classmate, also taunted him about his hair, as he purposefully intrudes into his life and personal space.

It Seems To Rain ss5 krk

It Seems To Rain ss4 krk

Between the jesting, both of them revealed to him who the real devil was.

He didn’t need to deceive his friends as they knew the truth. He was only deceiving himself.

One day, he just stopped fighting and surrendered to his hair.

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