He Broke Into A House And Found An Unconscious Woman On The Floor



Being a locksmith was his family business, but it was no career for a young man like him.

The simple work left him restless, unchallenged… and idle hands made for the devil’s playground.


When he sees a familiar set of keys, it occurs to him the implicit power that came with his work. Here was an opportunity to peek into the lives of others, a temptation he found too hard to resist.

He cut an extra copy, pocketed it, and made his move.


But his dirty deed became too real when he opened the door on an unconscious woman.


It was a make or break moment. But he may have been too broken already to realise the implication of his actions.

Watch ‘The Keyholder’ by Jeff Kwok (Hong Kong/China) on Viddsee:

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