A Self-Doubting Actress’ Journey To Confront Her Fears


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Asuka wanted to escape the pressures of her life in the entertainment industry, and she planned a short getaway to the Aka island in Okinawa.

There, she was greeted by her lovely host family, and Takeshi, the son of the guest house owner. He is momentarily star-struck by her presence, but she takes it in stride.

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Soon, they’re touring the island together, and Asuka is enthralled with the sights and smells.

But an unusual encounter with a local deer — the black ‘sika’ deer — unnerves her.

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Asuka was told that ‘sika’ also means ‘coward’ in the local dialect.

She realises that whenever the deer appears, so does her insecurities. It opened a floodgate of fears, and this time, she couldn’t run away from them – the back-stabbing, the industry’s criticism, the expectations of her career as an actress…

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Asuka gets lost in the woods and confronts a black sika deer, face to face, battling her fears. It’s a wild and jittery animal, but it’s also an animal she’s familiar with.

She still has fear in her heart, but this time, she’ll walk away with courage.

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