He Despised The Only Person That Truly Knew Him, His Brother



Ji-Sung didn’t want to remember his brother Kim Ji-Woon. Much of the years his mother had was spent taking care of him, and now their sister, too, can’t even find the time to go her friend’s funeral because of him.

When he agrees to drive back to his hometown to take care of Ji-Woon, Ji-Sung is confronted by the past, all the time that was lost.


His brother is mentally ill, and thus, requires special attention. Ji-Sung knows that, but he was sick of his brother taking and ruining everything. He wasn’t going to end up spent like his mother and his sister.


Ji-Woon doesn’t even know them, not in the mind that he has.


With one brotherly touch, Ji-Sung is reminded that his brother, in fact, does.

Watch this touching drama of brotherhood and forgiveness ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ by Fikri Jermadi (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

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