He Devoted Every Waking Moment To Bringing Her To Life



From the minute he was created, he devoted his entire being to her.

Bringing her to life was his guiding force, and he fulfilled it patiently, taking pleasure in each careful stitch and loving padding.


There was never any doubt in his mind that he was doing exactly what he was meant to do.

This is how two strange creatures, both alike in appearance, came to be with each other. A precious testament to sheer will and the transformative power of love.


Though they didn’t have a lot of time with each other, they made it count. And isn’t that what life is all about at the end of the day?

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‘The Maker’ has received several awards, including the 2011 Rhode Island International Film Festival: Grand Prize (USA), 2011 Lady Filmmakers Film Festival: Best of Festival (USA), 2011 ACS Awards for Cinematography: NSW Gold Award (AUS) and many more. For more information on this short film, click here.

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