He’s Not Going To Let His Gay Best Friend Marry A Girl. No Way.



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Lukas has just got the shock of his life. His best friend — his gay best friend Timo — has news.

Timo is getting married. To a girl.

Lukas just doesn’t get it. Why would Timo get into something like this?

This marriage would be nothing but a big, fat lie.

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Lukas decides that he can’t just sit there and let his best friend ruin two lives — his and his fiancee’s.

So he hatches a devious scheme. He hosts a party, where he introduces Timo to a hot hunk — someone who is exactly Timo’s type.

Meanwhile, he chats up Ayu, trying to find out if she knows the truth about Timo.

Conq EP8 NW ss8 krk.jpg

She has strong reasons to marry him. But Lukas thinks she should know Timo’s secret. Timo manages to stop him just in time.

Timo has decided. He is going ahead with the wedding.

The only question is — will Lukas still be his best man?

Watch ‘Conq Ep 8: Facing The Truth’ by Lucky Kuswandi (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: For mature audiences only.

‘Episode 8: Facing The Truth’ is the eighth of a nine-part web series about two gay men in Jakarta. Watch Episode 7 where Lukas confronts skeletons in his closet, or to Episode 9 to find out how Timo fares at his happily ever after. Or, watch the web-series in full here.



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