He Finds A Bag Of Cash In His Cab. Give In, Or Give It Back?


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Temptation is a devil that everyone encounters at some point or the other, irrespective of their social standing. What makes us different is how we deal with it.

He’s a taxi driver, but his real dream is to become an actor like the superstar Amitabh Bachchan. Driving a taxi is just a part-time job till he makes it to Bollywood.

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But it’s not easy. As one of his passengers who works in the film industry tells him, he needs to get his photographs taken and a portfolio made. But he doesn’t have the cash.

And just when he’s thinking of how to arrange for the money, a passenger forgets a bag in his taxi. A bag full of money.

More than what he needs to get his portfolio done. Much much more, in fact.

He’s stuck in a dilemma: should he return the money?

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