He Gave Her This Rose, A Reminder To Believe In Humanity.


This window cleaner has seen everything. And more. He did his work along each floor with indifference. But today was different.

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Today, it was as if he had new eyes. On every floor he saw the usual—a criminal syndicate, a religious meeting, a sick man, and a mysterious woman. Their eyes met. He stammered. She was a sight for sore eyes.

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On his way up, he started putting pieces of the puzzle together. The building and its occupants suddenly became interesting, and very dangerous — something sinister was about to happen.

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Just when everything came crashing down, and as he hung on a cable for dear life, his life turned around. Today’s encounters taught him to believe in miracles. And after today, he wasn’t just a lowly window cleaner anymore.

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He’s a hero, with a mysterious woman in his life. Not alone anymore.

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