He Has A Secret Disorder, One That Leaves Others Gagging



The first time it happened, he was in the stairwell, on the way to his new apartment.

Perhaps it was the stress of relocation; maybe it was something he ate. But when he vomited out a rabbit, he knew it wasn’t normal.


He chalked off that first time as an anomaly until it happened again on the first day of work. And again. And again. And again.


Soon, his life is completely overrun. His apartment is in tatters; his lover repelled when she learns his twisted truth.


Everybody has demons. That his demons were fluffy and left a trail of fur balls made them no less scary.

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‘Arthur & The Bunnies’ has been screened at multiple film festivals across America. It won the Best of Festival and Best Student Film at the Columbus International Film Festival. For the full list of official screenings, view here.

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