Humiliated In Front Of His Crush, This Schoolboy Plotted His Revenge



The smooth metal between his fingers instilled in him a thrilling sense of power. It thrummed with the promise of a better future to come.

Because Xiaoan’s present was currently a nightmare.

Ever since he intercepted the bullies from pummelling his classmate, he has become the subject of their unwanted affection.


School teachers were no help. Neither was his godbrother.

The entire town sat comfortably in the palm of the bullies and it was up to Xiaoan to make his voice heard.


Like a knife, his vengeance would be silent and deadly. They’ll never see him coming.

Watch ‘The Young Man & The Knife’ (少年与刀) by Wang Jiang Yong (王姜永) (China) on Viddsee:

‘The Young Man & The Knife’ was adapted from a novel by Xiaocun Ding. The short film won the Best Script at the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival Student Competition, Best Actor at the 10th Sun Yat-Sen University DV Awards and the Silver Award at the 4th Short Circuit Student Short Film Competition. It also received nominations at the 8th China Independent Film Festival (CIFF).

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