He Has Treated Cancer Patients, But He Never Intended To Be A Healer



I Gusti Mangku Sumantra has been healing people for the past 44 years, but he never chose this profession.

The 75-year-old Balian, a traditional Balinese healer, took up the responsibility after his father, who was also a healer, passed away.


It’s his family legacy, dating back generations, and the book of Usada epitomises their wisdom.

The Usada is a healer’s sacred book made from palm leaves with text carved into it. A veritable textbook for their family practice, it contains a collection of ancient wisdom that has been passed down via ancestors.


Using the power of plants and natural herbs and spices, I Gusti Mangku Sumantra has treated a wide array of ailments including breast cancer, stroke victims and paralysed victims.

His holistic therapy has also earned believers in conventional doctors.


Although he may not have chosen this path, this medicine man remains committed to carrying out his duty, regardless of fame or fortune.

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