Niño Had A Big Heart But The City Had No Place For Him


Nino ss1 krk

He didn’t have a care in the world but he cared for the world around him.

He was a gift to everyone.

Nino lived on the streets. He didn’t have much – a ready smile, a simple mind, and a sincere heart.

Nino ss3 krk

Yet, he wanted to bless others, believing that it was his mission as he was christened so – Santo Nino, the “Holy Child”.

Nino ss2 krk

A piece of bread, a handful of coins — they were thrusted into his hands.

He took them and gave them away, again.

Nino ss4 krk

When he saw someone in being robbed, again, he gave his all.

He couldn’t ask for a better life — a life without regrets.

Watch ‘Niño’ by Christian Lat (Philippines) on Viddsee:

‘Niño’ was nominated in six categories at the Sinulog Short Film Festival in the Philippines.

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