He is Kung Furious. He Will Have His Vengeance.


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He is Kung Fury, the best cop in the world. He uses his super awesome kung fu powers to fight crime in early 80’s Miami, including but not limited to subduing murderous laser-shooting arcade machines.

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Things changed when Adolf Hitler, the worst criminal of all time and a kung fu champion, shoots up the police department via mobile phone. The Kung Führer is looking for Kung Fury.

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With the help of Hackerman, the most powerful hacker of all time, Kung Fury time travels back to 1940s Nazi Germany. He is going to kill Hitler once and for all.

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Will he make it? Will his super awesome kung fu powers prevail against buggy time machines, laser raptors, an army of Nazi soldiers, and a gigantic metal eagle?

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“Kung Fury” was nominated for Best Short Film at the European Film Award.

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