He Is Taken By The Old Man’s Seductive Wife. Will Temptation Take Over?


Ahalya ss1

Inspector Sen is investigating the disappearance of a model. He was last seen at the artist’s house where he was posing for a figurine.

The artist’s wife opens the door. She is stunning. Inspector Sen can hardly take his eyes off her.Ahalya ss2

Ahalya ss3

She tells her about the strange phenomenon. The little figurines keeps falling down whenever someone new comes to the house.

But that is not the only strange thing about the house. There is a stone too, a stone that the artist claims can change a person into someone else.

Ahalya ss4

Inspector Sen laughs it off. But the artist dares Inspector Sen to use the stone and go to his wife, who is waiting upstairs.

Is it still adultery if he looks exactly like her husband?

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