He Kept Hearing Something. Seeing Japanese Dolls. Then He Saw Her.


Out of Light SS_03

Guang’s having the worst day ever. His favourite band has disbanded, his girlfriend and him are in a horrible spat and he’s just been told to consider other options at his place of work.

As he walks home, he’s distracted, his mind churning at a frenzied state with the day’s load of bad news. Yet a recurring noise and the same disembodied Japanese doll head wakes him up to the fact that he might not be alone.

Out of Light SS_01

And he certainly isn’t.

Out of Light SS_02

The mysterious Japanese spirit is alluring yet confusing, speaking in circles.

Out of Light SS_04

But one message is clear – the fate of everyone around Guang is in his hands. He has until dawn to save their lives…

Watch ‘Out of Light’ (天光墟) by Li Siyang (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

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